About the Show

Using classic and original stories, songs, props, and comedy, Dot delights kids and adults while teaching important life lessons. With a background in dance, theater and early childhood education, Dot keeps audiences of all ages involved physically, mentally and emotionally.

Dot’s virtual storytelling is a compelling presentation that reaches right through the screen to tickle the funnybones and imaginations of her viewers.

Dot can tailor her show to your specific needs. All offerings are currently available in-person or via Zoom.



Stories by Dot Show

Enjoy a live performance by Dot in your classroom, home or event space, either in-person or via Zoom. Dot brings a unique lineup of stories, songs, jokes and dance moves compiled specifically for your audience. Stand back as she lets loose with her high-energy barrage of hilarious sketches, stories and cleverly improvised asides. No two shows are exactly alike! Stories by Dot is suitable for large or small gatherings, and is appropriate for all ages.

  • 45 minutes
  • Ages 2-12 and families

Teacher Workshops

Learn Dot’s tried-and-true comedy and storytelling techniques for use in your instructional setting. Dot’s fresh take on traditional content and concepts applies best practices in early learning and development using a play-based curriculum. This workshop energizes early childhood educators and reawakens a joyful and loving teaching style.

  • 90 minutes

The Dot and Susan Show

Dot teams up with award winning singer/songwriter Susan Salidor for a show perfectly suited to young audiences. Susan’s smart and funny songs and Dot’s fun and madcap stories combine to keep your kiddos and their families laughing, singing, dancing and learning.

  • 50 minutes
  • Ages 2-7 and families


Storytime plus exercise! Combining creative movement, dance and storytelling, Storycise! develops strength, flexibility and endurance and solidifies language and communication skills. Available only in the greater Omaha, Nebraska, area, or on zoom. Call for details.

  • Meets in-person in Omaha metro area
  • Live anywhere via Zoom
  • Ages 3-8.