It’s a work-out, and a play-out! This 30 minute exercise class follows a storytelling format, and develops cardiovascular stamina, strength, balance, and a lifelong love of exercising.

It’s fun to have a body!

Science proves that an active lifestyle is tantamount to a healthy body and mind. Many adults look at exercise as a necessary evil, and often don’t get enough of it. Adults refer to exercising as “working out.”

Children are naturally full of energy and curiosity. It’s been said that if an adult would mimic a toddler’s actions for a day, it would be the equivalent of an all-day session at the gym.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if children never outgrew the joy of movement? The joy of running, jumping, bending, stretching; exploring how the body moves?

We’d be a society of adults that don’t “work out,” we’d “play out!”

Exercise expert Martin Gladwell says that the way to get adults to the gym, is to get them when they’re young. Storycise will do just that, teaching children that having a body is a wonderful priveledge, and the many ways it can move and express (keep in shape!) can be an invigorating adventure for a lifetime.